In the most diverse companies, in the most varied productive sectors, MIG Wire Machineries are essential elements of the production lines and keys for the success of the activity.

For this reason, a company can only rely on the choice and purchase of such machinery and on their subsequent and very important maintenance. All this depends on the continuity and profitability of the work, to an expert consultant, who works alongside to the availability of machines of every type and range. And to the competence to put them back into operation in the face of any difficulty, a very high level of service to intervene early and in a decisive manner when the customer is in difficulty.

Our expertise speak with Quality
SM Industries not only have expertise but a thorough and complete experience, and an activity rooted throughout our blood makes us the expert, punctual, and precise partner. A partner who can really take care of assisting you in the choice of machinery, selling them and keeping them supplied with materials of consumption, and take care of maintenance and repair when the need arises.

MIG Wire Plant manufacturers use the thermal energy of an electric arc struck between the wire- or the electrode- and the piece to be welded. Among the strengths that guarantee a wide use in the industry, there is certainly the simplicity of use; they are mainly used where it is necessary to weld different materials.

We are the number one, most professional and experienced MIG Wire Plant manufacturers in the welding industry in India, specializing in the design, manufacture, and washing of welding related machines and production lines. We design and supply complete lines, including wire pretreatment lines, wire draw lines, copper plating lines, roller blinds, packaging machines, etc.

Semi-automatic welding is a high-performance process in which the electrode wire is fed through a welding torch to the welding zone under the action of inert (MIG) or protective (MAG) gas. The resulting seam is characterized by high quality and durability. Thanks to the lightweight ignition of the arc and the absence of the need to change the electrodes, the welding speed increases significantly.

The main design features are as follows:

The possibility of convenient adjustment of the operating parameters of the current, taking into account the thickness of the materials to be joined;

Control of wire feed mode to select the most convenient speed;

Electronic indicator promptly warns the operator about the danger of overloading the device.

Main advantages

In comparison with traditional modifications, the devices of this series have many useful functions and features of a technical and operational nature:

The application is available in a variety of spatial positions;

The combination of materials in accordance with professional standards and a high degree of reliability;

Convenient control of wire feed parameters;

Arc burning in a stable mode;

Several steps of adjustment of welding currents taking into account the diameter of the parts to be joined or the thickness of the sheet;

Economical consumption of gas used for protection;

A useful function of the welding machine is a handy indicator.

By excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing and service we are able to offer most relevant technology for Galvanizing of High Carbon and Low Carbon Steel Wires.

S M INDUSTRIES has become the pioneers in supply of turnkey projects for the wire industry; we will maintain this position trough reliable equipment and service to our customers worldwide.

Online Fumeless Pickling System with water curtains to prevent any acid fumes form exiting the pickling system.

• Zinc Bath furnace consisting of Structural Steel Frame which is completely lined using several layers of ceramic refractory.