S M INDUSTRIES offers high speed integrated Cold Ribbed Wire Plant for high-speed continuous drawing and ribbing of Mild Steel Low Carbon wire rods used for construction bars & mesh welding.

Standard Ribbing Cassette used

Hydraulically tilt able Dual Head Pay Off for continuous easy feeding of Wire Rod Coils by Overhead Crane or fork Lift

Hydraulically tilt able neck type Overhead Pulley for faster stinging operation and easy operator reach.

Dual plane adjustable roller type De-scaler with hardened wear resistant rollers with high service life with Inline Motorized Brushing Unit for absolute scale free rod surface

Motorized Lube Box for Better Lubricant Coating Before Pre-Drawing

Double Deck Chromium Carbide Matrix Coated Capstans internally water cooled for long service life

Suitable Operator Safety Features Built-in the System like Guards, Wire Brake Sensors, Emergency Locks, Etc

Pneumatic / Hydraulic clamping, shifting, lifting and setting of Spools for faster working at the Spooler